What software do you use to provide VPS functionality?

Q. What software do you use to provide VPS functionality? #

Ans. inslyhost uses Virtuozzo to provide VPS functionality. Virtuozzo has recently been released by Parallels to the Linux community. Plans are underway to add it to the core Linux kernel as well. Virtuozzo is the base of Parallels popular commercial VPS platform. There are few differences between Virtuozzo and it’s commercial counterpart from the end user perspective. Using Virtuozzo allows us to provide a rock-solid low cost VPS alternative to everyone!

Virtuozzo allows you to reboot your VPS from your end if you need to do so after installation of some software or anything else which requires the virtual environment to be rebooted.

Additionally with Virtuozzo you will be able to stop and start services, view the running process and set up alerts to notify you if there is a problem with your VPS. Virtuozzo powered VPSs offer an order of magnitude higher efficiency and manageability than traditional virtualization technologies.

We at inslyhost are providing CentOSFedora Core, Debian and Ubuntu Operating System for VPS’s.

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