When do you Need to Reboot your Server ?

Rebooting a server is a very common concern among the system administrators. The dedicated servers are quite different from the usual computer systems and laptops. The dedicated servers are built for providing 100% network uptime and are predicted to be available round the clock. Most of the customers are okay with the occasional service interruption, but due to the large competition in the web hosting industry, people expect at least 99% uptime.

Because of such prospects, it is very much essential to restrict the reboots for the most mandatory situations only. In old days, it was a very common thing for UNIX system administrators due to the old intranet mainframes, and was looked as a normal maintenance process.

In today’s technology, with the modern servers, even though it is Linux or Windows, a server reboot is mandatory only in some selective situations. Situations such as if you need to update the system kernel, hardware replacement and maintenance or if the server requires any upgrade. Due to such reasons, it is essential to look for an operating system that doesn’t require to update its kernel every week. This is one of the reasons, why certain Linux distributions are built for web servers keeping these things in mind.

Most of the system administrators will tout about their web servers getting uptimes over 365 days. This may be pleasing in the terms of stability, but it does lifts concerns regarding security and whether the servers have got the specific updates. The best course of action in most situations it to take a neutral stand. People reboots their server even for a runaway processes, which is not recommended. It is advisable to reboot your server only for the critical security updates or any other upgrades.

In order to reboot your dedicated server, click on the “Graceful Server Reboot” in your WHM, or if you don’t have much knowledge feel free to open a ticket requesting a server reboot. Even though, rebooting a server increases the performance level it is recommended to reboot your server when its mandatory.

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