Whoiscart configuration and review

Here is a short review of Whoiscart and some details of its configuration and installation : #

Whoiscart is a great billing software for web hosting companies and resellers.

For a program costing around £20 Our customers had superb support from the whoiscart team. They do offer an install service for extra $12.50, but in fact installation is straightforward as long as you remember the FTP in binary.

Configuration can be a bit tricky if you are new to web hosting  and installation of online softwares. Whoiscart support is superb and they provide top class service to let you have a running whoiscart setup.

The cart can be set up to sell web hosting only or link directly into one or more registrar’s account for domain registration.

Account creation in whoiscart is automated, and whoiscart can address multiple WHMs.

Integration with PayPal may be tricky – you must use the primary email address on your PayPal account. However, the problems are minor and one should create a debug file and Sandbox will get everything setup for autocreation.

PayPal’s IPN manual may make you wonder if you are up to it, One should not forget that the notification URL which would be forwarded to paypal should be .php only. If it is .html then change it to .php.

Integration with other payment processors like 2checkout, worldpay or authorize.net is as simple, and you can choose from several and use as many as you want to.

Whoiscart is a well featured program with premium support at a budget price.

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