Why are the web-site Statistics isn’t updated

Why are the web-site Statistics isn’t updated ? #

The website stats on inslyHost servers are refreshed and updated after an interval of 24 hours. It may sometime happen that due heavy server load, the updates get delayed.

Incase you realise that the stats haven’t been updated since twenty four hours and more, you can update and refresh it manually by logging into your cPanel control panel >> WebStats >> AwStats >> Update Now. This will show you the latest website traffic statistics of the domain.

Inorder to view other stats in cPanel you need to wait for the next automatic server update.

How to activate the manual statistics update in Awstats ? #

If you wish to enable manual statistics tool update in cPanel Awstats, you must make changes to the file as stated below:


Note : Replace yourwebsite.com with your domain name)

Search for :



and make changes as given below :



Though, we have enabled this function on all our hosting accounts for Awstats in cPanel. Just incase some users aren’t able to update it manually, you can either follow the above steps or contact our support department.

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