Windows Reseller Hosting Upgrade Options

Q. If I were to pay for the Windows Reseller Hosting plan in a yearly sum, would I be able to upgrade this package to the higher Windows Reseller Hosting plan? #

Ans :- Yes, you can upgrade to a higher Windows Reseller hosting plan or any other hosting plan by paying the price difference between the existing hosting plan and the plan you wish to upgrade to. In case of upgrade to a higher Windows Reseller plan upgrade, there won’t be any downtime involved for your hosted websites/accounts. The name servers would also remain the same. In case you decide to upgrade to a VPSCloud Server or even a Dedicated Server from your current Windows Reseller plan, we will ensure that there is minimal or no downtime involved during the switch over.

In order to go ahead with upgrading your hosting plan, you can raise a new ticket with our billing department through our helpdesk.

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