Windows VPS Security FAQs

How to Secure a Windows VPS ? #

Ans. VPS can be secured through ipsec , local security policies and Default windows firewall

How to enhance the security of a Windows VPS ? #

Ans. The first thing that is strongly recommended recommended is to change the default login name and password to something of your preference and which is really tough to guess. A combination of upper/lower cases, alpha-numeric and special characters can be used for making a password hard to guess.
Secondly, turn off any anonymous FTP on the server.

We suggest to try and avoid browsing any unknown website from your web hosting VPS to avoid injections and intrusions on the server.

What are the additional security softwares that are available which would work on my VPS? Antivirus etc? #

Ans. AVG can be used with HyperV VPS. You may alternately choose to use any other licensed versions of an Antivirus for securing your Virtual Private Server.

Are the VPS’s protected by a hardware firewall? #

Ans. No, a default vps is not protected with hardware firewall. But, you can opt for a Software Firewall + AntiVirus at an additional cost of £5 GBP.

Can I change the default FTP port on my Windows VPS ? #

Ans. Yes, it is possible to change the FTP port for your windows vps.

The disk space offered with a VPS is inclusive or exclusive of the space taken up by the OS ? #

Ans. The space required by the OS files is inclusive of the VPS space. For example, if you order an entry level Cheap VPS hosting package that offers 20 GB of diskspace, the OS would ideally occupy 9.5 Gb (OS updates would need more space) approximately leaving 11.5 Gb free for your usage and installations of add-on services.

Can I host an IRC server on a Windows VPS? #

Ans. No! We do not allow IRC to be hosted on our servers may it be any package.

Can I run A Game Server On a Windows VPS? #

Ans. Yes, a VPS can be used for hosting Game Server. But, we would not recommend it, instead you can opt for a Dedicated Server for that purpose. Before placing an order you must first check the Games requirements, further you need to be sure about the total number of concurrent users you expect to use the server at a given point of time. Based on these factors an appropriate server should be considered.

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