WordPress ask for ftp login details when upgrade

WordPress is counted as the best blogging platform and it is an open source technology developed in PHP with MySQL database support to store the databases in form of tables. A community of programmers are work together to develop WordPress with some new updates making it so unique among all other available CMS. To host a WordPress blog you need a realizable and secure cPanel hosting package to host and run secure blog or website online. WordPress allows you to make changes in code to develop website or blog. But sometimes WordPress ask ftp login details when upgrade ?

The problem is when you have try to upgrade your wordpress blog or plugins then wordpress ask the ftp login details, you enter the correct ftp login details but it still not updated. The Solution over this thing is, you are facing this problem because your domain is hosted on non-suexec server. There are 2 solution for this issue

First You need to migrate your account to suexec enable server


Set the ownership nobody.nobody to all wordpress related files. But is unsecured for your account. Your account is easily hacked due the nobody.nobody ownership.

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